The Saddest Landscape

The Saddest Landscape are a screamo/emo/post-hardcore band centered in Boston, Massachusetts, though its members are spread out in different locations in the North Eastern U.S. They began in 2002 and stayed really productive until some point that they become inactive, but never officially broke up, since two of their four members had other things to attend to. During this time, the two remaining members (Andy and Aaron, singer/guitarist and drummer respectively) formed another band called Her Breath On Glass. Around 2008/09, the two picked the band back up under the name The Saddest Landscape, though with two new membes to replace the original ones that left. Since then, they’ve remained busy by signing to Topshelf, putting out a bunch of new stuff, and resumed touring.

The Saddest Landscape are known for taking influence from practically every screamo/emo/whatever band ever. A few of particular note might be City Of Caterpillar, Portraits Of Past, Funeral Diner, Neil Perry, Saetia, Indian Summer, and Rites Of Spring. Despite this, they have a very distinctive sound that has prevailed throughout their existence (not in a terribly repetitive way though). They make excellent use of the classic formula: quiet, melodic, arpeggiated guitar parts to blistering explosions of octaves and noise. But they find ways to change this up and keep it interesting. That’s one thing I really like about them. They’re one of the few bands that are able to retain a very unique, recognizable sound without every song seeming to blur together and sound the same. This can also be attributed to the vocals. Andy’s voice is unmistakenable, both because of the tone of it and because of his singing style. His singing sounds broken and fragmented, and almost resembles a strained, wounded bark rather than the usual screeech of more violent screamo bands. It is this emotional, cathartic aspect that makes them so great. This also comes through in the lyrics, which I personally love. They’re super open and heartfelt, and when matched with their delivery and the passion put into every instrument… Damn.
Sophie’s Floorboard