Verse is a defiant band. Not only have they defiled the rule that says hardcore bands can’t release three great LPs, they’ve upped the ante and released their most urgent, impassioned, and challenging album to date. In a scene were the demo is the best, or the bands are lucky to make it to two albums, Verse’s Aggression is a rare case where the two previous albums have set up the band for such a powerful declaration. Start to finish, Frontman Sean Murphy is screaming like he has nothing left inside, yet he involves a dynamic that adds more emotion and power to the musical backdrop that is a powerful, melancholic and monumental testament to the unrestratined greatness of modern hardcore.

Aggression starts off with a calm, melodic and disarming guitar instrumental. With no notice, the entire band, Murphy included, come crashing in screaming “They’ve got themselves a new spin on the story.” Following with a verse that is an arrhythmic, shouted verse, Murphy almost resembles a hardcore singer transforming into a spoken word artist gone mad crossed with Zack De La Rocha. You’re given no room to breathe and it sets the table for what’s to come.

Sean Murphy – vocals
Eric Lepine – guitar
Zak Drummond – guitar
Chris Berg – bass
Shawn Costa – drums

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