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Mendville Shows & Flood Floorshows present

Monday 17 August, 2015 at 19:00 - 22:00
JC Kavka, Oudaan 14, Antwerpen

TIGERS JAW (USA – Run For Cover)

Between the power pop melodies of early Saves the Day and the hard driving fold rhythms of Fleetwood Mac lies TIGERS JAW, a band who’s raw immediacy is infectious and intoxicating. Shimmering organ textures, chunky guitar chords, and male/female vocal harmonies show the Scranton, PA natives taking rural rock music from its legendary past to its vibrant future. Among the more innovative acts on Run For Cover Record’s star studded roster, TIGERS JAW have a profound musical purity that is as equally stirring in a basement of 40 people as it is in a club of 1,000.

FOXING (USA – Triple Crown Records)

If you’ve ever looked at an old document and noticed brown spots on it, what you are seeing are signs of aging. It’s not exactly clear what specifically causes them, but one day, the page will completely brown over and be no more. This is called foxing. A group of St. Louis musicians took this idea and turned it into a band. “From the conception of the band, we realized: we’re not gonna be around forever,” says Foxing singer Conor Murphy. Foxing’s forthright lyrical honesty paired with their stunning orchestral sound quickly started earning them devoted fans, some of whom have been so emotionally moved that they’ve openly wept at the band’s live shows.


If you ever listened to Seahaven, you will notice their name comes from one of their songs. This being said… These 4 guys have played all over Belgium and guarantee you some nice tunes to swing your body or sing along to. The honesty and sadness in their songs comes in a jacket of catchy lyrics that we can all relate too. They call it poppunk or emo these days. But to tell you the truth: they are having way too much fun. They will be releasing a new record in summer 2015 and it will look good in your collection. Mark my words.


JC Kavka
Oudaan 14
Antwerpen , Belgium
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