No Sleep Records

No Sleep Records is an independent record label that was founded in the Summer of 2006 by Chris Hansen with the purpose to bring back the originality and uniqueness that was long missing from today’s ever changing music scene. Originally started while Southern Californian transplant Chris Hansen was working as the art director for a larger independent label on the East Coast (New Jersey), No Sleep was eventually moved back out West to Huntington Beach, CA.

Through No Sleep Records ever growing catalog of releases from it’s majorly diverse roster (Pop Punk, Hip Hop, Emo, Screamo, Hardcore, Indie and so on) of bands, the label hopes to show the world that no matter what genre of music you listen to, there is still quality music waiting to be heard. Only time will tell what the future holds for the up and coming West Coast independent record label, but if the past/present is a sign of things to come, as Larry David would say, things are looking pretty pretty good.