Careless – I Wish You Away

With uncountable weeks of delay we can finally present to you “I Wish You Away” by Swedish band Careless. Not just another Swedish screamo band though. The record contains tracks in English and Swedish and even one in Farsi. Sadness is universally recognisable in every language though, so tracks like “Jag hatar Magnus Ladulåsgatan” are definitely still very relatable. Careless’ sound is both recognisable from bands like Suis La Lune or Disembarked while it’s also very different. Take note of the different ways they build up their tracks and the all-round vibe the record has.


01. Small hours
02. Mirror
03. Röda fingrar
04. Pale as china
05. Kintsukuroi
06. Jag kan inte drömma som dig
07. Jag hatar Magnus Ladulåsgatan
08. Sad statements
09. Södra station
10. Falsely yours

Pressing Info

200 / Black
100 / Mixed Grey