Defeater – Empty Days And Sleepless Nights


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14 songs featured on 3 sides of a 2xLP, packaged inside a gatefold LP jacket. Sides A and B feature 10 songs that continue on from their previous “Lost Ground” EP, side C features 4 acoustic songs in the vein of the recently released track “I Don’t Mind”, and side D is a circular train spike etching


01. Warm Blood Rush
02. Dear Father
03. Waves Crash, Clouds Roll
04. Empty Glass
05. No Kind Of Home
06. White Knuckles
07. Cemetery Walls
08. Quiet the Longing
09. At Peace
10. White Oak Doors
11. But Breathing
12. Brothers
13. I Don’t Mind
14. Headstone

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10th pressing
1000/ 2x Gray marbled


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