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Limited double vinyl LP pressing of this 1996 album in gatefold sleeve including insert. Features two bonus tracks: ‘77 Satellites’ and ‘What Would I Say To You Now.’ Jimmy Eat World exemplify all that is the modern radio rock sound. Singing and playing with a conviction and sincerity that will melt the heart of even the most stoic of listeners, they produce rousing, well-crafted anthems along the lines of Third Eye Blind at their roughest or a more polished Green Day.


01. Thinking , That’s All
02. Rockstar
03. Claire
04. Call In It The Air
05. Seventeen
06. Episode IV
07. Digits
08. Caveman
09. World Is Static
10. In The Same Room
11. Robot Factory
12. Anderson Mesa
13. 77 Satellites
14. What Would I Say To You Now

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2x LP on 140gr black vinyl


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