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“Hemeltraan” is a slow, mature work of bleak drones, epic doom and fuzzy sludge in five movements, which slowly draws listeners into an unfolding landscape of broken imagery and half-remembered screams from the past that burrow deep into the soul. Both the heavy and the droning parts serve as an audible fog that slowly creeps around and attacks your senses. Through the repetition of sludgy riffs built on sustained chords and eerie chanting, “Hemeltraan” hypnotizes its prey and conveys a brooding feeling of unease. KINGDOM create long builds that grab the listener by the throat, releasing them with a tidal wave riff that flood the mind with visions of mystery and eternal torment, repenting for the sins of mankind.


01. Altema
02. Ruina, Where Men Go To Die
03. A Quiet
04. Rivers Rage
05. Elude

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500 / Solid Red/Clear Yellow, die-cut innersleeve


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