Pedro The Lion – Winners Never Quit


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Following a critically acclaimed debut album for Made In Mexico, singer/songwriter David Bazan returned to his Seattle home studio to craft the bulk of Winners Never Quit – a haunted collection of new material that traces the fictional story of a man who vows to maintain his good name despite a slew of devious activity and malicious intent. Stripped down to a voice and a guitar, Bazan is a modern-day folk champion. Behind a band, he loses his timidity and commands attention with an impassioned voice and a compelling narrative. In either sphere, Bazan is an accomplished artist and unique talent.


01. Slow and Steady Wins the Race
02. Simple Economics
03. To Protect the Family Name
04. A Mind of Her Own
05. Never Leave a Job Half Done
06. Eye on the Finish Line
07. Bad Things to Such Good People
08. Winners Never Quit

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Black vinyl 2012 remastered


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