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Pianos Become The Teeth worked with producer Will Yip during a month long recording session in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. “I took a less unbridled approach to the songs this time around,” vocalist Kyle Durfey explains. “That’s what I felt the songs called for and in my heart it matched the tone of the record.”

Keep You accelerates the band’s trajectory from a melodic hardcore act to a group that creates heaviness and weight via raw emotion instead of distortion. It is an expansive statement that is defined as much by what the listener hears as it is the dramatic space that hangs between each note. The virtuosic musicianship of Pianos Become the Teeth has been re-contextualized into moody and haunting compositions such as “Repine” which features atmospheric strings and an instantly contagious chorus with a solid tribal rhythm.

Keep You deals with familiar concepts like mortality and communication in an intensely personal way that’s also remarkably relatable in its honesty. “The album is about things you want to say to people but you can’t for some reason whether it’s because they’re not in your life anymore or they’ve passed away,” Durfey explains. But there is an inkling of hope expressed when Durfey sings “your wick won’t burn away” on “Repine”.


01. Ripple Water Shine
02. April
03. Lesions
04. Old Jaw
05. Repine
06. Late Lives
07. Enamor Me
08. Traces
09. The Queen
10. Say Nothing
11. 895
12. Dancing
13. Arizona

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Keep You (Deluxe Edition) by Pianos Become The Teeth