Self Defense Family – The Power Does Not Work In The Presence Of Nonbelievers


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The Power Does Not Work In the Presence Of Nonbelievers EP sees Self Defense Family at their most open and intimate. Combining 4 tracks collaboratively put together by the band from disparate locations across the US, The Power Does Not Work across the course of a couple of weeks in October / November 2015. Band members added parts of songs to a shared ‘grab bag’ for other members to listen and ‘call dibs’ on sections they wanted to work with – collectively, the band built up whole songs. The instrumental songs were then passed to vocalist Patrick Kindlon, who selected tracks based on what influences he heard in them.
The Power Does Not Work demonstrates the breadth of Self Defense Family’s tastes and abilities, seeming to be the bastard child of Lungfish, The Smiths and Arab Strap, but so much more dysfunctional.

The EP starts by touching on the warped post punk of last LP Heaven is Earth with track Early Adopter. Heading in to completely different territory, the positively jaunty I’m on a Different Wavelength than Everyone Else is embedded with an ironic innocence. The wistful Baby Mother Home sounds like the band at their bleakest and most introspective.

On side B is a stunning 11 minute exploration, that at points sounds indebted to Michael Gira’s Angels of Light, with hushed vocals that are just perceivable amongst the sparse melee of the other instrumentation.

Whilst the tracks may come from a whole range of influences, Self Defense Family’s familiar sardonic attitude is threaded throughout the release. Yet another release in this band’s lexicon that is essential for fans and Self Defense Family obsessives alike.


01. Early Adopter
02. I’m on a Different Wavelength than Everyone Else
03. Baby Mother Home
04. Deersong

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