Touché Amoré / Pianos Become The Teeth – split 7″

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A beautiful pairing of two of the most interesting bands playing melodic hardcore today, Touche Amore and Pianos Become The Teeth.

Touche Amore are a thought provoking, passionate band from Los Angeles, CA. Throughout their relentless touring and the release of their album “Parting The Sea Between Brightness and Me”, Touche Amore have established themselves as one of the most exciting young bands in contemporary hardcore/punk.

Here, Touche Amore offer up the exceptional “Gravity, Metaphorically”, a stripped down and discordant emotional roller coaster of a song. For over four minutes, Touche Amore rattle and buzz through tempo changes and jangly riffs, as vocalist/lyricist Jeremy Bolm pours out his heart and soul in his trademark way. A poignant step forward for a band that continues to impress with every effort.

Pianos Become The Teeth are one of the bands leading the latest generation of emotional hardcore/punk. Led by unique vocalist/lyricist Kyle Durfey, they create moving music with a focus on his powerfully poetic story telling capabilities.

With this release, Pianos Become The Teeth offer up their extraordinary new song “Hiding”. Meandering melodic guitar work weaves in and out before Durfey expels “There’s no good in your eyes anymore…” telling a weighty and complex tale of the subtle nuances of love and conflict. The song continues to push and pull as emotions do throughout it’s five minute run. Slowly building only to beautifully crash in a way that only Pianos Become The Teeth can.


01. Gravity, Metaphorically – Touche Amore
02. Hiding – Pianos Become The Teeth

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First Press:
200 / Clear (Touche Amore exclusive color)
200 / Beer (Pianos Become The Teeth exclusive color)
500 / Electric Blue (Deathwish exclusive color)
500 / Gold (Top Shelf exclusive color)
1500 / Electric Blue / Gold split
5129 / Opaque Aqua Blue

Second Press:
2000 / Baby Pink