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‘Warm Thoughts’ is the continuation of Elliot Babin (Touche Amore)’s bedroom recording project, which previously took form under the consciously self-sabotaging moniker ‘Dad Punchers’. In 2016, Babin set out to create his most focused and dynamic release to date, without compromising the unwavering and occasionally heartbreaking honesty of his previous work. The result is “I Went Swimming Alone”: a new LP which revolves around themes of isolation, nostalgia, and romanticizing the future as a way to cope.


01. Romance Novelist
02. Sunbleached and Yellowed
03. Airport
04. Precipitation
05. Intangible
06. Waiting For Me
07. The Pier
08. To Talk At
09. Your Haircut Man
10. A Memo To Me From My Future Self

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500 – White vinyl


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