JH Zenith: getting there

The railroad station in Dendermonde is only a 5-10 minute walk to JH Zenith.

Last trains to


  • Antwerp: 23h06 (travel time 1h15) or 22:26 (travel time 0h50)
  • Gent: 23h05
  • Brussels: 23h06
  • Leuven: 23h06 (travel time 1h50) or 22h26 (travel time 1h01)
  • Aarschot: 22h06 (travel time 1h13) or 22h26 (travel time 1h27)
  • Kortrijk: 22h36
  • Turnhout: 22h26 (travel time 1h30)


  • Antwerp: 22h31 (travel time 0h52)
  • Gent: 22h31 (travel time 1h02)
  • Brussels: 22h32 (travel time 1h43) or 22h28 (travel time 1h04)
  • Leuven: 22h28 (travel time 1h37) or 22h09 (travel time 1h16)
  • Aarschot: 22h09 (travel time 1h36)
  • Kortrijk: 22h31 (travel time 1h39)
  • Turnhout: 22h31 (travel time 2h18)
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