Sandlotkids. – I Will Wait Here

FLOOD14 / KPF02 / BHR020
Band: Sandlotkids. (DE)
Title: I Will Wait Here

Sandlotkids. is a four-piece alternative/emo band from Munich. Their first single “Loner”, released in 2013, kickstarted their career and gave them the opportunity to play live with some of the best bands in their genre internationally like Superheaven, Nai Harvest and New Native.

One year into their existence, the highly anticipated first EP “I Will Wait Here” was released digitally in September 2014. The EP dived even further into the 90’s emo and grunge sound and further define their unique light, clear sound with heavy, melancholic lyrics.

With some delays the EP is now also available physically on vinyl through Flood Records in Belgium and Koepfen and Beyond Hope Records in Germany. The vinyl will be available in 2 color-ways: Silver and Silver & Black mixed.

FFO: Tigers Jaw, Superheaven


Co-released by Flood Records with:


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