Continents. – In Streams Of Light Doth Linger


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Continents. were a DIY post-hardcore screamo band from Dresden, Germany. They were unique in the way that they saw the lyrical part of their music as a very prominent part of their music, leaning towards an almost spoken word style sometimes. They were part of the leading pack of bands that were a driving force for the DIY scene across Europe in 2012, especially in Germany and the UK. “In Streams Of Light Doth Linger” is the band’s second EP and sounds heavier than their first EP “… And Silence Anchored Our Feet In Granite”. The darker artwork already gave away that the overal atmosphere of the record is a lot heavier than their previous work.
For fans of early Touché Amoré, early La Dispute, Pianos Become The Teeth,…


01. Moon Above A Gathered Sea
02. Lorraine
03. Beneath Sheets Of Dust

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500 / Transparent one-sided 12″ with B-Side Etching


In streams of light doth linger by Continents.

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