Depths. – We Love, We Lose, We Break


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The oncoming 7-inch of Depths. is the expression of refined and thoughtful post-hardcore music. It takes you along the spiral of a vivacious struggle between shackling sorrow and reviving resistance. The band thus represents with delicate accuracy the ongoing wavering between hopelessness and a fragile, however very convincing, will to overcome. Their music breathes firm, yet melancholic sentiments that bring to life the disclosure of the innermost emotions that accompany many of our distinct life-events. They manage to capture the profundity of those emotions through sincere words carried out with fullness of heart and mind, accompanied by well balanced and honest, hence powerful instrumental backing. This piece of art doesn’t stop at the boundaries of this or that particular emotion, rather it represents the very essence of sorrow surmounted by exaltation.

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250 / Black vinyl


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