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Jungbluth is a three piece political hardcore/punk band from Münster, Germany, who formed in September of 2012. Jungbluth features ex-members of German hardcore/crust band Alpinist. Jungbluth derive their name from Karl Jungbluth, a German communist/antifascist resistance fighter during World War II. Jungbluth play an impressive style of politically charged metallic hardcore/punk that is anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-homophobic, anti-sexism, and any other type of discrimination present in today’s modern world. Part Ache is the band’s debut nine song LP, which is slated for physical release in August. On Part Ache, Jungbluth offer listeners nine songs of dark, brutal, and punishing songs of politically charged hardcore complete with heavy as fuck guitars, rapid fire drumming, and venomus/spite-filled vocals that’s sure to please fans of modern hardcore, punk, and crust bands. Overall, Part Ache is an amazing album and Jungbluth is an absolute must listen for fans of Glasses, Reivers, and Trainwreck.


01. crevasse 02:10
02. wakefield 02:42
03. looks like freedom 03:12
04. these rare moments 03:18
05. au revoir tristesse 03:07
06. zwang abwärts 05:36
07. no one but myself 02:17
08. angebot / nachsage 02:36
09. crevasse II 03:29

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Repressed this time w/ real covers, includes 9 inlays plus a poster