Partisan – We Have Been So Terribly Betrayed


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The trio featuring ex-members of Rise And Fall, Oathbreaker and Maudlin has evolved aesthetically since their first EP while still keeping true to their hardcore ethics. They developed a more open and matured sound while still challenging equalizers and amplifiers with their sonic approach. The deep, low end of the sound is built upon big room drums and a Rickenbacker bass provides a steady foundation for more Fender twang than Marshall bang. The end result is an EP with more focused and compact songs, with a soft spot for melancholic melodies and vocal harmonies. Stylistically, they have drifted off from shoegaze, gently tapping more holy grail reverb and clone chorus instead of the big muff and flanger pedals.


01. You And I
02. No Last Surrender
03. Change
04. Sometimes
05. Forget
06. I Have Always Loved You

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