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The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid To Die have released their third full-length, Always Foreign. Always Foreign follows the Connecticut-bred collective’s acclaimed 2015 album Harmlessness.

Produced by TWIABP guitarist Christopher Teti, Always Foreign confronts everything from the opioid epidemic to xenophobia to emotional abuse in relationships. Throughout the album, TWIABP match their sprawling arrangements and layered lyricism with a raw emotionality.

“When we started writing we were fresh off Trump being elected, so there’s an anger to the album that’s different from what we’ve done in the past,” says TWIABP vocalist David F Bello. “There’s a lot more resistance thinking throughout the songs—not in a way that’s strictly anti-Trump, but also addressing things like white supremacy and controlling elements of the state.”


01. I’ll Make Everything
02. The Future
03. Hilltopper
04. Faker
05. Gram
06. Dillon and Her Son
07. Blank #12
08. For Robin
09. Marine Tigers
10. Fuzz Minor
11. Infinite Steve

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