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VALLEY are smart enough not to over-tour their releases and so they soon start working on their first album ‘Dark Tears // Bright Smiles’. Guitarist Kevin Kestemont describes their approach to the new material the following: “When we wrote our new album, we tried to make all the songs sound a bit different. Our music should stand for the things you get through in real life. Every day feels different.” Back in the studio, the band has learned from the first two releases: “In the past it was very difficult to capture our live sound on the recordings. This time we managed to make it sound more natural. Brad from ‘Audiosiege’ had a big influence on how our album sounds now!”

VALLEY are not a typical melodic hardcore band but when it comes to the ethos, every rock band should have, they have no the slightest problem to be typical: “We’re a typical live band. We write new music to keep our live set interesting. It keeps us focussed. VALLEY has to be an experience you should be part of live”, Kevin states. “We want to create a special, intimate atmosphere.” An outstanding live band successfully transferred its live sound on an album – ‘Dark Tears // Bright Smiles’ is the proof.


01. Restless
02. Deception
03. Dark Tears
04. Salvation, Redeem Me
05. Safety Of Youth
06. Bright Smiles
07. Woven Hands // Broken Hearts
08. The Discomfort Of Doubt

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300 – White/Black mixed vinyl


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