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Mendville Shows present

Sunday 29 April, 2018 at 19:00 - 23:00
JC Kavka, Oudaan 14, Antwerpen

AYS (DE – End Hits Records)

AYS (Against Your Society) was founded in 2002 in Wegberg, a small town in West Germany. The band has released 3 LP’s and several EP’s which earned them to be one of Europe’s biggest hardcore bands. During their existence they shared stages with all the big shots. With their latest effort “Worlds Unknown” the band managed to bring in new elements into their music and making them sound more aggresive than ever. Judging from their sound they could easily be from New York. Playing hard, true and dirty hardcore proves that point. It’s no surprise you can find a good amount of punk in most of AYS’ songs. Overall they have found a good working mix which satisfies especially when played live.

BLACKLISTED (US – Deathwish Inc. / Six Feet Under Records)

Whether it’s with their hardcore urgency, or uniquely powerful lyrics, the true grit of Blacklisted will move you. They carry a soul and energy unlike any other hardcore band. Blacklisted pick up the torch that contemporary legends American Nightmare once proudly carried. Merging a violence, honesty, and emotional outpouring into one untameable and inspiring hardcore machine.

PEACE OF MIND (DE – Power Trip Records)

Founded in early 2015, Peace of Mind from Sonnenberg/Germany is a rising star in the European Harcore Scene. Their intense style combined with heavy guitar riffs and powerful breakdowns prove that this band is here to stay. Nevertheless, they never sound primitive, boring or dull. The fresh and unique voice of their vocalist combined with intelligent lyrics proves that Hardcore is still alive in 2017.
Within their first year of existance Peace Of Mind already had the opportunity to support bands like Madball, Ignite, Deez Nuts, Wisdom In Chains, Born From Pain, Nasty, Broken Theeth and Down To Nothing as opener. Down to the present day, this band works hard and shows willingness to take chances, to play every show they get offered.
Peace of mind will impress you permanently and turn your world upside down!

LOTUS (BE – Shield Records)

Hailing from the city of Antwerp, Belgium, DIY hardcore outfit Lotus are a fairly new incarnation but nonetheless prepared to take European hardcore by the scruff of its neck with a medley of rock solid breakdowns, angst riddled vocals and outrageous riffs. Featuring ex members of Accept The Change and Redding this chaotic four piece are no strangers to the underbelly of hardcore. Think early days of Ceremony. Recently they released their second full-length album ‘The Road To Calvary’. Ushering in their post-‘Israel’ era, TRTC is an unapologetically intense album with relentlessly straightforward riffs and brutally honest lyrics. This record gets deeply under your skin and does it in true LOTUS style: in and out, with little room to catch your breath. http://www.facebook.com/lotusbelgium



JC Kavka
Oudaan 14
Antwerpen , Belgium
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