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On Mass IIII, the band’s second full-length album, the members of AMENRA have knotted the emergency of 2005’s Mass III together with the band’s live ritual of droning tension-building instrumental passages, crushing dynamics, silent chanting and anguished screams. Mass IIII finds the band erupting in seismic heaviness, building up to near euphoric crescendos and embracing an atmosphere of ominous triumph.


01. Silver Needle Golden Nail
02. Le Gardien Des Rêves
03. De Dodenakker
04. Terziele
05. Razoreater
06. Aorte. Nous Sommes Du Même Sang
07. Thurifer Et Clamor Ad Te Veniat

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180 gr DLP, remastered by Bill Anderson (Neurosis, Sleep, Om,…)

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