American Football – s/t (LP2)


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In 1999, Polyvinyl, then only three years old, released an unassuming debut album by a band called American Football. The band played a dozen shows and then parted ways. Then something remarkable happened: for the next 15 years, the album was discovered over and over, going on to sell more than 100,000 copies and becoming one of the most influential indie/emo albums of all-time. In 2014 and 2015, American Football played their first shows in 15 years, selling out venues the world over. Organically, the band started to write new material and years of ideas gelled into the a picture-perfect second album to be released years after the first. Vinyl, CD and cassette versions include free album download.


01. Where Are We Now?
02. My Instincts Are The Enemy
03. Home Is Where The Haunt Is
04. Born To Lose
05. I’ve Been So Lost For So Long
06. Give Me The Gun
07. I Need A Drink (Or Two Or Three)
08. Desire Gets In The Way
09. Everyone Is Dressed Up


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