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4/5 of Daitro started a new Band a couple years ago and what we got is Baton Rouge. We are proud to release their new LP together w/ our friends from Pure Pain Sugar and Bakery Outlet. Baton Rouge play great melodic emo rock mixed w/ raw noisy edge like Unwound meets a little Hot Snakes and Twelve Hour Turn. The new record. Those 9 new songs are even more catchy then on the one before – so it was worth waiting two years.


01. Le Fixeur 05:42
02. Côte du Py 03:24
03. Cours Tolstoï 04:43
04. Guetter Les Ondées 03:42
05. Totem 02:23
06. Hypn​-​O​-​Sonic 07:23
07. Au Gré Du Gel 03:26
08. Train De Nuit 07:13
09. D’année En Année 02:19

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2nd press on PINK vinyl.


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