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Remember that time when melodic hardcore was awesome? When Guns Up!, Panic, Carry On, Verses, American Nightmare and Suicide File were (probably) all doing Avocado Booking tours and everyone still knew how to have a good time? Well Giver sure as hell do.

After two EPs, and a good amount of time honing their craft (too many bands really rush getting to that all-important debut album, let’s be honest), Giver have well and truly arrived with ‘Where The Cycle Breaks’ – an absolute masterclass in melodic hardcore. No horrifying overtly-clean singing. No horrendous production that makes every instrument sound inhuman and beyond human capability. No bullshit.

Giver deal in passion, sincerity and truth.

Fear not though – this is not po-faced, miserable and over-earnest. This is an album dealing in sing-alongs and high energy hardcore punk – referencing the aforementioned bands whilst forever looking forward both in approach, songwriting and style.

Time to meet your new favourite European hardcore band.


01. Shock Of The Fall
02. The Other
03. Made It Home
04. No World To Come
05. Dancing With The Devils
06. What You Don’t Love
07. Heart Of Dark
08. Pills
09. The Terror Of Perfection
10. Weightless
11. When The Fire Dies

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Where The Cycle Breaks by Giver

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