The Jazz June – After The Earthquake


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The Jazz June started their eight year run in 1996 in a small town in Pennsylvania named Kutztown. The 5 of them all met at Kutztown University and started playing shows in basements and garages throughout Kutztown, PA. The band took their favorite aspects of indie rock, punk and post hardcore and made it their own. Each songs precision seems to be countered by just the opposite – the ever-so-often changeups can throw the new listener off a bit, creating a conglomeration of noise and melody as if 5 different bands were to play at once.

The band stopped playing live in 2004, but remained close and continued to write songs and collaborate on each others projects. In 2013 the band has returned to form in a non-traditional or virtual sense and have indicated new songs are in the pipeline.

First album in 12 years!


01. over underground
02. after the earthquake
03. with honors
04. it came back
05. edge of space
06. stuck on repeat
07. ain’t it strange
08. nothing to see here
09. short changed
10. two floors down

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